Jesper Juul Keller

Snerlevej 62, 1. mf.
DK-3000 Helsingør

Tel.: +45 4143 1237

Born 1965.
Jesper Juul Keller

Since 1997, I have worked in IT as a consultant, server administrator, technician and supporter.
From 2013 until the present, I have been working as an IT Professional at University of Copenhagen, primarily within end user support and administration on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Before this, I worked 5 years for a consultancy house in Holte, Denmark, primarily in support, services and administration for large and medium-sized private companies and government organisations. The biggest focus was on the Microsoft platform, but I also have extensive experience in Linux and Mac.

As for personal qualities, I am service minded, presentable, polite and able to communicate with users at all levels. I am known for being able to keep my cool and be positive, even when things get hot.

In my spare time, I am, among other things, active in Home Guard Company North Sealand as well as currently involved in the situation in Ukraine, where I do what I can as an activist, and for organisations such as Bevar Ukraine.

2013-:IT Professional, KU-IT, University of Copenhagen.
  • Installation, support, system administration and operations tasks. 1st and 2nd line support, by phone, walk-in and on-site. Support of AV equipment and printers. SME on Antivirus, Security and Linux.
2007-2012:IT Consultant, Euro-Consult.
  • Installation, support, system administration and operations tasks for large and medium-sized private companies and government organisations.
  • 1st and 2nd level support on Windows XP og 7.
  • 1st and 2nd level support and user administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • User administration in Active Directory and Exchange.
  • Operations and backup on Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Participated in network migration and domain migration of 800 users in Active Directory, Exchange and Samba on SunOS, including migration from NFS to ZFS.
  • Deployment of new PCs for a large administrative unit of Copenhagen Municipality, including user support on backup, data migration and setting-up on-site.
  • Migration of PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7.
  • Installation and deployment of Windows XP and 7 PCs.
  • Operations and support of primarily HP and Gestetner printers.
  • Operations monitoring.

Extended criminal and security clearance for working at the Danish Prison and Probation Service as well as the IT Section of the Danish National Police.

2006-2007:IT Professional, Bruun Rasmussen Fine Arts Auctioneers.
  • Responsible for IT-support of employees and customers on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Responsible for networks, VPN and telephony.
  • Backup for the operating manager.
2006:Customer Service and IT Professional, Uniteam Systems Development.
  • Installed, configured and supported Windows 2003 Servers and Oracle 10g Servers.
  • Windows 2003 and Red Hat Linux Server Administrator. Technical Webmaster. VPN Administrator.
2003-2006:Self-employed IT Consultant.
  • Adviced and assisted/ supported private individuals and small businesses in setting-up Windows PCs, Microsoft Servers and networks.
  • Hosted websites for private individuals and small businesses.
  • Designed and maintained MySQL Databases and PHP pages.
  • Administered Mac OS X Server and Apache Web server.
2001-2003:IT Security Consultant, Mærsk Data.
  • Installed, administered and supported Checkpoint FireWall-1 and Trend Micro AV Servers.
1999-2000:Systems Consultant, ICL Invia.
  • Installed and supported the Aleph 500 Library System.
1997-1999:Technical Consultant, Copenhagen City IT Service.
  • Installed, configured and supported Windows 95, 98 and NT workstations and networks.
  • Administered mail- og internet users on Netscape Mailserver, DNS and FireWall-1.
1989-1997:Library Assistant, The Data Library, Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Administrative Assistent, IBM, Allerød. Student Worker, SDC, Ballerup.

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and 2008 Server. All Microsoft Windows versions 95 to 11.
Mac OS X 10.1-15.0 Mac OS X Server 10.3-10.5.
Debian Linux. Linux Mint. Red Hat Linux. Ubuntu. SunOS.

Networks/Communication Tools

Checkpoint FireWall-1. Cisco Secure PIX. ipfw. iptables. ufw. WatchGuard FireWall.

Office, DTP and Graphics Tools

Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Illustrator. Adobe PhotoShop. Apple iWork 08 and 09. Lotus Notes. Microsoft Office. Paintshop Pro. QuarkXPress.

Other Applications/Tools

Apache 2 Web server. bash. Citrix. CommuniGate Pro 5 Mailserver. DreamWeaver. Flash. HTML. JavaScript. Likewise. McAfee Antivirus. Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Active Directory.
Microsoft FrontPage. Microsoft IIS. Microsoft SCCM. Microsoft Sharepoint. MySQL. Nessus.
PHP. PL/SQL. PGP. Sendmail. TNG Unicenter. Trend Micro Control Manager. UNIX shell scripts. vi.


2022:IT Service Excellence.
2019:LITA Lean IT Foundation.
2014:ITIL Foundation.
2003:Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator NG.
2003:Trend Micro Sales Specialist. All subjects, levels 1-2.
2003:Trend Micro Validated Technician. All subjects, level 1.
2003:Trend Micro Certified Security Expert. All subjects, level 2.

1993-1997:Japanese Language, Niels Brock, Copenhagen. Part time, equivalent to B1/B2 Level.
1986-1990:Librarian, Royal Danish School of Librarianship, Copenhagen.
1985-1986:Conscripted Private, Jutland Dragoon Regiment.

English:Absolutely fluent, nine years in school, used extensively ever since.
German:So-und-so, fünf Jahre in der Schule, nicht viel benutzt.
French:Satisfaisant, quatre ans d'école, utilisé de temps à autre.
Ukrainian:Я тільки починаю вивчати цю прекрасну мову.

2017-2020:Board Member/ Instructor, Association for Individual Resilience/ Personal Preparedness.
2014:Leadership Institute’s Workshop on Campaigns and Communications, Herlev.
2013:Leadership Institute's International Leadership Training School, CEPOS.
Leadership Institute's International and Campaign Training Seminar, Christiansborg.
2012-2015:Volunteer Worker, DISTORTION Safety Crew.
1992-1998:Practiced Jujutsu (Japanese Self Defence.) Sempai (assistant instructor) 1994-1998.
1986-:Volunteer in The Royal Danish Home Guard.
1988-1989: Home Guard Courses Squad Commander Levels 1-2 and Platoon Commander Level 1.